Maison LEROY: Pinot Noir, released as AOC Bourgogne. Wine that is presented with notes of cherry, strawberry and raspberries. Notes of earth and mushroom and slightly notes of oak, tobacco and chocolate. The palate is slightly soft with low tannins and medium-high acidity.
PREPARATION: Manual selection of the grapes, placed in small bags and refrigerated from the first moment. They are chosen from the first moment. Selection of grapes by size manually and fermentation in oak barrels. Subsequently a “Pigeage” will be done and then the “Remontage”. A long fermentation and maceration. After pressing, they will go to underground caves until the end of their malolactic fermentation. After the juice is poured, they will go down to a second cellar where they will age for 5 more years to end up being bottled.

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