LA TERRENAL DOLÇ 2020 (500ml)


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CELLER VINYES DEL TERRER Coupage of Garancha Negra and Cabernet Sauvignon that comes out as D.O. Tarragona, a wine that presents notes of black plum, blackberry, raspberry, vanilla, black pepper and cocoa; wine with good acidity, with high levels of tannins and low concentration of sugars.

PREPARATION: gentle drifting, fermentation in 600 liter barrels for 20 days. Stopping the fermentation with cold at 7ºC and subsequent maceration with the skins for 40 days. Extraction of phenolic compounds using pigeages. Afterwards, the barrel is bled and gently pressed. Aging for 10 months in 600-liter fine-grain French oak barrels; biodynamic agriculture. PRICE PER DRINK €7

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